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My Campaign Journey: Kimberly Haase for Acworth Alderwoman

In 2021, I decided to go on a campaign journey, and we had a wonderful time learning the tracks of Acworth. I believe we made a celebrated achievement during our municipal candidacy campaign.

Our major milestone of achievement was meeting you, our supporters, voters, and volunteers. We were empowered to keep going by the wonderful support you gave us.

Since then, we never gave up on each other: I have been listening to your concerns, meeting new people, sitting on Acworth’s mayor-selected committee, and attending ribbon cuttings, events, and city meetings while enjoying Acworth’s beautiful landscape and wildlife.

For example, Retired Chief Wayne Dennard personally invited me to enroll in Acworth’s 2022 Citizen’s Police Academy where I learned the importance of citizen-driven policing in Acworth.

After graduation, I volunteered at and sponsored an Acworth Concert on the Green event, connected with residents serving on the Home Owners Association committee and Acworth city department leaders, and recently was invited to The Gathering at Acworth Presbyterian Church where adults with special needs have a monthly social game night.

More recently, we helped promote a community shredding event and, volunteered for Acworth Cultural Arts (ACA) during their Murder at The Founding Fathers Dinner and play. I learned that ACA’s goal is to have space where they can bring quality performances to Acworth and help creativity blossom in the community.

All while doing work within the community, I’ve been intentional about listening to our community's concerns.

One thing I discovered shortly after my run for office in 2021 and have continued to hear since is that many residents in Acworth aren’t aware of their drawn district or voting precinct, or that some live in an unincorporated part of Acworth and wanted to vote for me but couldn’t.

Despite this learning curve for my community and supporters we still gained 730 votes. While introducing the Vote 4 Kimberly Haase campaign, we taught willing voters the importance of municipal elections and the role of local government’s city council, and we hope to bring even more of you into the fold this year.

Acworth is empowering me to serve – and I hope you’ll join us along the journey and vote for me on Tuesday, November 7, 2023!

– Kimberly Haase, Candidate for Acworth Board of Alderman, Post 2



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