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Kimberly believes in working alongside the community to help empower the community. Here are some of her ideas.

Let's help empower Acworth...


Social involvement is important as we age. According to Cohen, Sherrod, and Clark (1986), social support is effective in reducing depression for those who have healthy self-esteem as well as for those with poor self-image.


In Acworth, the Parks, Recreation, and Community Resource Department has created a haven for our community through programs and events that have become staples in our city.


Kimberly plans to support these programs and activities and to help create even more experiences for residents to build community and enjoy the benefits of strong social connections. 


With the second-largest school system in Georgia, our community supports enlightening children with a strong educational foundation. Schools in our community include Kennesaw State University, Chattahoochee Technical College and its North Metro Campus, Georgia Trade School, North Cobb High, North Cobb Christian, and Allatoona High Schools, along with a plethora of elementary and middle schools.


Kimberly hopes to support parents as well as our community members at large, to continue to be a positive support system for our students. Additionally, Kimberly hopes to encourage Acworth’s Autistic community and those with other learning and physical disabilities to explore skills that align with their passions.


Acworth has increased its job market by 2.9% over last year. Future job growth over the next ten years is predicted to be 46% which is higher than the United States predicted growth rate of 33% (source).

Acworth is also home to a network of many local and small businesses, which are supported by organizations such as the Acworth Business Association.


Kimberly would like to keep Acworth unemployment low by welcoming locally owned businesses that will continually grow a diverse demographic of business owners and employees.

Mentally & Emotionally

Health awareness is foundational to our wellbeing. The Acworth-Kennesaw Public Health Center opened in June 2018 and has since provided essential resources for individuals and families. The expansion of the Cobb & Douglas Public Health (CDPH) system is evidence of the importance of investing in public health.


Kimberly intends to help promote the benefits of health awareness, health care access, international travel health, and other health-related programs for adults, children, and families. 


Over the last ten years, Acworth became an age in place city. Acworth is also home to many young families. It is vital for the health of all members of our community to have opportunities to connect and support one another.


Kimberly would love to help initiate our young and our young-at-heart residents to collaborate in activities that would bridge insightful communication between generations.

What do you want to see in Acworth?

Have ideas you'd like to share? Get in touch below to learn more about Kimberly's platform and share your thoughts on how we can help empower Acworth, together.

Thanks for reaching out!

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