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Kimberly Haase Launches Campaign for Acworth Aldermen

ACWORTH, GA – Kimberly Haase, a 16-year resident of Acworth, is running for the city’s Board of Aldermen. She is running for Post 4 – the position currently held by 23-year incumbent Tim Richardson.

Haase has been a resident of Georgia for 23 years and is a graduate of Kennesaw State University with a bachelor's degree in Political Science. She is also the CEO of iLoveKare, a concierge service company for active aging adults, which she founded in 2013.

“I’m not running for a party, I’m running to serve...I want everyone in the community to know that we can make and continue to make Acworth a better place. My focus point is to empower...that is my message.”

This will be the first time in four general election cycles that an Acworth Aldermen contest will take place, as previous elections were canceled due to incumbents – including the Mayor – all running unopposed.


“Our goal is, of course, to aim to earn the community’s votes and the Post 4 seat, but ultimately Kimberly’s goal is to leave Acworth and its residents better as a result of our campaign taking place,” said Kesi Felton, Kimberly’s Campaign Manager. “To let people know that they have another option.”

Haase’s platform incorporates social, educational, economical, mental, emotional, and intergenerational approaches to fostering equitable opportunities in Acworth.

Kimberly's decision to run for Acworth’s city council was ignited when she saw her friends, family, and others losing relationships by becoming cynical with misrepresentation in government. Kimberly became interested in politics as a solution to this problem when Dr. Aisha Haynes-Belizaire of Atlanta Metropolitan State College taught her students that being their best is a civil responsibility to society.

Kimberly believes we have a social responsibility to our community to create a holistic difference by caring for ourselves and for our communities. When Kimberly Haase is elected on November 2, 2021, she will help govern through the lessons she’s learned and will continuously learn. Her platform incorporates social, educational, economical, mental and emotional, and intergenerational approaches to fostering equitable opportunities in Acworth.


Vote 4 Kimberly Haase is the Campaign Committee for Kimberly Haase, candidate for Acworth Board of Aldermen. To learn more about Kimberly and her campaign, visit